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Items sold are on an as-is basis. Warranties that apply may be limited manufacturer warranties. Xclusive Auto Parts disclaims all warranties expressed or implied. We also do not authorize anyone to assume liability in connection with these items.  

In no event shall we be responsible for incidental or consequential damages, including loss of use, income or profits, arising out of or in connection with the purchase of your merchandise, without limitation, breach of any obligation imposed on us hereunder or in connection herewith, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages.  

All merchandise is aftermarket and intended for off-road or show purposes use only. Buyer assumes responsibility for violations of local laws and rules that may result from use of merchandise. Please check your local laws and research the item to make sure you are purchasing the correct items. We will not be responsible for any legal issues arising from the usage of any items.  

Euro Clear Lighting is produced for Off-road or Show purposes only.  It is not suitable for regular driving conditions since it is without "DOT" or "SAE" approval. Users must follow the directions given and any misuse of the Euro Clear Lighting products is at your own risk. We will not be held responsible for using the euro clear lighting products other than specified above. 

All products are highly recommended to be installed professionally. We do not provide any installation assistance, otherwise provided, is (are) for reference only. We will not be responsible for any installation problems, installation fees that may be incurred during the installation of any products sold, or products damaged during the installation process.  

Some products may vary slightly due to lighting, picture angles, or alternate manufacturers. Most products would not be affected except for gauges, which may have variations in font, mph or tachometer settings. You agree to these terms by conducting the transaction. If you have questions, please contact us.

We are not responsible for any custom/brokerage fees, taxes or duties related to international order unless specified.
We reserve the right to refuse to service, and or cancel any order at any time, for any reason. You will be notified about the cancellation either by email or phone. If we have already received your payment we will fully refund you for the payment received.  
Descriptions, in most cases are provided directly by the manufacturer on that specific item. For further information in a specific item, please contact us so we can make sure you are receiving exactly what you want.
In the case that all or part of your order contains items that are backordered, we will ship the in-stock items and notify you about the status of your remaining order. Once the backordered items are available, they will be shipped and we will provide you with updated shipping information.  
Should you consider filing a chargeback against TopLine Auto Shop as a scam, TopLine Auto Shop will pursue those claims to the full extent of the law. If we find out you have fraudulently filled a chargeback and have the evidence to prove a positive outcome, you will be charged $50 which consists of any and all filing fees, research and processing fees.
The pictures, graphics and texts in this website are property TopLine Auto Shop. None of these materials should be used without our written consent. Unauthorized use of these materials may lead to criminal or civil lawsuits.  

We reserve the right to change prices without previous notification, and price adjustments will not be applied to your original order. Please note that actual products may differ slightly from picture. We reserve the right to cancel orders at any time for any reason. All funds associated with that order will be refunded in full.  We are not responsible for typographical, pricing, product information, advertising or shipping errors.

As of 2018, the card issuing institutions such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express; require both the billing and shipping address be verified with the issuer.  This goes for all debit and credit cards.  If you are requesting a different billing and shipping address, the shipping address must be on file with the banking institution.  Otherwise, we reserve the right to ship to the billing address or cancel the order.  This decision will be our sole discretion. 

We reserve the right to update the policies and conditions displayed on this website, without notification, and you agree to be bounded by them at any time

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